The Fake Birthday

Newport Beach - June 9th, 2001

After a lovely day in the J Paul Getty's Center, LA, we decided to go out for dinner with Brenda and Vera in Orange County. Brenda proposed to try a seefood restaurant (Joe's Crab Shack) which was well known about its crazy and unique treatment for birthday celebrities, but we kept this useful information from the others. Since nobody had a birthday on that day, Brenda and I picked Stefano and Michele to trick them as birthday people. But at the end, not only Stefano but also I had a birthday!!! Brenda, my trustworty conspiracy partner tricked me instead of Michele! Stefano and I both were totally surprised by different reasons and laughed a lot. Everybody seemed to enjoy the scene...
Our server put silly costumes on both of us: Stefano got a straw hat and a sparkling grass skirt while I got a blue wig and pink boa. We danced for the music of "Saturday Night Fever". All the servers came out from the kitchen forming a line and did a choreography. It was better than my own birthday! And I finally got surprised which I had longed for a really long time!!!

Thanks Brenda, you made my wish come true!!!

In front of Joe's Crab Shack

Being dressed up!